Your Style Defined

At JP Compass, we understand that finding the right style is one of the hardest parts of any project. Even if you do know your style, you may have difficulty articulating it well.

Part of our extensive design process is finding out what aspects of interior styles are the most appealing to you. In order to create something that fully represents you as a whole, we work through the different elements together.

To better help you understand your style, here are some definitions to get you started:


You like your spaces to feel classic. With a focus on symmetry, soft edges, and statement molding and trim, you like your space to be richly detailed and properly laid out. Refined furnishings and dignified colors deliver a sense of order and elegance that speaks to your very soul.



You walk the tightrope between traditional elegance and contemporary hip, combining comfort and warmth with a clean and understated aesthetic. The result is an updated space that exists in perfect harmony. The clean lines and minimal accents coupled with highlights of detail create a beautiful and serene space which speaks to every part of what makes you uniquely you.



You live for the current trends while acknowledging the past.  Strong lines, smooth forms, and minimal accessories define your perfect room. You desire large, open spaces with simple lines, and pops of high impact furniture. Your space must live out on the edge with you, bringing out the purity of shape and form.

Now that you’ve started on the path of figuring out what type of style you have, let us know in the comments below!

Are you all about the details like those of a Traditional Style, clean lines and minimalism of a Contemporary style, or somewhere in the middle?