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Of Quartz, There's A Difference

While both are derived from the mineral quartz, they vary in composition, looks, maintenance, price, and durability. Quartz is a mineral found all over the Earth’s surface in a plethora of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. Due to its abundance around the world and a high score on the mohs hardness scale, it makes a great material for a stylish and durable countertop. 



“Quartz” countertops are not all-natural; surprisingly enough, they are the countertops that are man-made engineered stone molded and baked in a factory. Quartz countertops are 90-94% ground quartz mineral and the other 6-10% is a man-made polymer resin and pigment. Because it is engineered stone, one of the main benefits of it are the variety of colors and patterns available. During the process, the quartz and resin combination can be flecked and veined in the factory to be displayed fully across the whole slab. The slabs are smooth, seamless, and are less prone to denting and chipping because of the “flexibility” due to the resin. The binding process also allows for a non-porous surface; meaning that the  countertop repels moisture and microbes without a sealer. Because a quartz countertop is man-made, there’s a repetition in it’s pattern.  



Quartzite is an all-natural stone, formed beneath the earth’s surface, that is 90-99% quartz grain bounded with mineral silica. Eco-conscious consumers are attracted to it because its made by nature and is from naturally occurring materials. Quartzite gives off a more organic vibe due to it’s earthier granular sugar-like texture, and the visual inconsistencies from the natural formation. It is one of a kind and available in whites and greys. Quartzite countertops need a little more TLC than a quartz one; they need to be annually sealed, otherwise they could stain and be more prone to bacteria. Quartzite is completely unique, high end, and all natural.


Now that you know the differences to look out for, you’ll be able to determine which countertop is best for you.

All of these slabs are located at Daltile in Bedford Heights, OH