Sales team

With over 50 years of combined experience in residential construction, these guys know their stuff.  From a kitchen remodel to a brand-new home, they have seen it all and can help walk you through the process from beginning to end. Give them a call, and see what it’s like to take the red path


John Park, President

Jacob Park, Sales



design team

These are the creative types.  The right-brainers of the operation.  They make sure your home design is tailored to you, structurally sound, and simply beautiful.

Joseph Park_Profile Pic_2017_02.jpg

Joseph Park, AIA Design Director

James Park, Creative Director

Kevin Cieszykowski, Architect

Audrey Smosarski_Profile Pic_2017.jpg

Audrey Smosarski, IIDA Interior Designer

Jordan Williams_Profile Pic_2017.jpg

Jordan Williams,  Interior Designer



project Management Team


These are the guys that get things done.  The left side of the JP Compass brain.  These project managers will make sure your home design becomes a reality. 


Tom Zugan, Operations Manager

Oliver Ludlow, Project Manager

Jordan Snedeker, Project Manager

Rob Pealer, Project Manager

Jason Karasek, Project Manager

David Hieber_Profile Pic_2017.jpg

David Heiber, Project Manager

Arthur Duhaime, Project Manager



Carpentry and small jobs


These guys have skills.  Whether its coping trim or toothing in a floor they have you covered.


Eric Davidson, Lead Carpenter

Rich Santiago, Construction Support

Nick Santiago_Profile Pic_2017.jpg

Nick Santiago, Construction Support

Adam Pealer, Lead Carpenter

Neil Zagorski_Profile Pic_2017.jpg

Neil Zagorski,  Construction Support

Brent Harris_Profile Pic_2017.jpg

Brent Harris, Customer Support 

Kip Portman_Profile Pic_2017.jpg

Kip Portman, Carpenter 

Jim Davenport, Carpenter

TJ Wells_Profile Pic_2017.jpg

TJ Wells, Construction Support



behind the scenes


Welcome to the brain trust.  A calculator and 10 minutes of sunlight is all this team needs to keep the operation humming.


Jonathan Park, Business Manager

Jaimie Miller_Profile Pic_2017.jpg

Jaimie Miller, Administrative Assistant

Jesse DeWeese, Estimator

Tracy Zelle_Profile Pic_2017_02.jpg

Tracy Zelle, Selections Specialist

Gail Park, Office Manager